28 February 2013, 13:27

Foster parents abused Russian adoptee Maxim Kuzmin – US social services

Foster parents abused Russian adoptee Maxim Kuzmin – US social services

A US social worker has said she believed the adopted Russian boy, Maxim Kuzmin, also known as Max Shatto, died after being abused by his American foster parents.

This came today in a statement by Russia’s children rights ombudsman Pavel Astakhov, who cited the woman as saying the 3-year-old was mistreated by his adoptive mother, Laura Shatto. According to the social worker, there is no proof the boy was “uncontrollable” or “prone to self-harm.”

US police have confirmed the boy’s death doesn’t look natural. The Russian ombudsman quoted a pre-trial autopsy report that revealed numerous bruises to Maxim’s head and legs, as well as internal injuries that could have been caused by a forceful blow to the abdomen.

Investigators called the death of Max Shatto one of those difficult cases when there is no witness evidence to determine the suspect’s guilt.

As of now, Laura Shatto is the only suspect, although police haven’t dismissed the complicity of her husband, Alan Shatto. “The inquiry will focus on both foster parents,” Mr. Astakhov told reporters.

Russian adoptee Maxim Kuzmin treated with psychotropic drugs 

The lawyer of US foster parents who stand trial over the death of their Russian child, Maxim Kuzmin, has told reporters the boy was undergoing treatment for ‘hyperactivity disorder.’

Michael Brown, Shattos’ defense attorney, said the Texan couple used psychotropic medications that were prescribed by physicians.

He stressed the accused never intended to kill the three-year-old and were merely following doctor’s recommendations.

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