25 February 2013, 11:04

US firms hatched plot to topple Hugo Chavez - WikiLeaks

US firms hatched plot to topple Hugo Chavez - WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks has revealed the participation of at least two American companies behind attempts to overthrow Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

The hand of Washington was detected in actions of the Venezuelan opposition since 2006 and in its opposition campaign for the 2010 parliamentary elections.

The leaked email messages, dating back to July 2004 and December 2011, were tracked to the Stratfor and Canvas companies that used students and other people in an effort to overthrow Chavez.

One of the exposed Canvas reports exposed by Wikileaks on the situation in Venezuela proposes a roadmap of a strategy that was successfully used in Serbia by the Otpor movement, where the CIA used student protests and a color revolution to overthrow Slodoban Milosevic in 2000.

The messages cover a large variety of issues and focus on the sector of energy, the petrochemical and oil industry in particular, as well as political change, the situation of the counterrevolutionary forces and the military.

Voice of Russia, Periodico26.cu

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