24 February 2013, 18:03

Will Litvinenko-MI6 links be revealed?

Will Litvinenko-MI6 links be revealed?

British Foreign Secretary William Hague insists on a ban on the disclosure of information about the British intelligence service MI6 links with Alexander Litvinenko during the investigation of his death in London in November 2006.

Hague who is responsible for MI6 has signed a ‘public interest immunity certificate’ ahead of an inquest to be held next week. This request is due to be considered by a coroner. The Sunday Times reports that it concerns the MI6 dossier on Litvinenko.

At one of the previous sessions of the Coroners Court, Litvinenko’s widow’s lawyer Ben Emmerson reported that Litvinenko was a regular salaried MI6 agent who also worked as a salaried agent of Spanish special services at MI6 insistence.

Emmerson pointed out that MI6 could be held responsible for Litvinenko’s death because no adequate measures had been taken for providing his security.

Voice of Russia, TASS, The Sunday Times

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