22 February 2013, 13:05

US Secretary of State invents a new country – ‘Kyrzakhstan’

US Secretary of State invents a new country – ‘Kyrzakhstan’

In his first speech after he was appointed as US Secretary of State, John Kerry confused the Republics of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, and referred to a non-existent country “Kyrzakhstan”.

"Brave employees of the US State Department ... work in the most dangerous places around the globe. They fight against corruption in Nigeria. They support the rule of law in Burma, they support democratic reforms in Kyrzakhstan and Georgia," John Kerry said, speaking on February 20 at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville.

The transcript of Kerry’s speech, including his slip of the tongue, was posted on the websites of US embassies. It was noticed by The Global Post journalists, who suggested that before his official visit to Israel with President Barack Obama, the chief foreign affairs advisor should find out where exactly this “Kyrzakhstan” was located.

On February 22, on all the official websites of the American embassies the word “Kyrzakhstan” in Kerry’s speech was replaced by Kyrgyzstan.

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