22 February 2013, 20:07

“Sedov’s” triumph in Hong Kong

“Sedov’s” triumph in Hong Kong

Russian sailing vessel “Sedov”, which is now making a tour around the world, has entered the Chinese port of Hong Kong.

This is the third Asian port on the vessel’s way which it enters. The first one was the South Korean Busan, and the second – the Japanese Nagasaki.

“Sedov” entered the Hong Kong port early in the morning, but hundreds of people were already waiting for it. Correspondents of nearly all China’s newspapers and TV companies had come to the port. Journalists and amateurs were filming the ship’s entry into the port from nearly everywhere – from roofs of skyscrapers, from helicopters, from motorboats and so on.

Later in the day, “Sedov’s” crew took more than 50 Chinese journalists on board, and, exclusively for the purpose of a picturesque show, sailed under fore-and-aft sails along the bay’s coast.

In an interview with the Voce of Russia, one of the “Sedov’s” crew’s members, Anatoly Vasilyev, said:

“By all appearances, the Chinese were very impressed with this show. The crick-crack of cameras accompanied us all the way. I believe, very soon, reportages about this will appear in nearly all Chinese newspapers.”

Chinese journalists seemed to be interested in every detail, major and small. It took “Sedov’s” captain Niklolay Zorchenko two hours to answer all their questions. Here is what he says:

“The journalists were interested in every detail – not only in the ship (which is quite understandable, because in our time, a sailing vessel is not a common sight), but also in things like what we eat and other details of our daily routine. In Russia, people don’t usually ask about such details. We answered all the questions and showed all of the ship – from the ceremony hall to the kitchen – to our guests.”

“Sedov” came to the Hong Kong port with another piece of good news – two young members of its crew, Ivan and Diana, married right on the ship, on its way from Nagasaki to Hong Kong. Symbolic enough, the wedding took place on St. Valentine’s Day, February 14.

Anatoly Vasilyev says:

“Everybody took this news with great enthusiasm. The young couple joyfully embraced and kissed in front of journalists’ cameras.”

Initially, it was planned that “Sedov” would stop in another Chinese port, Shanghai. However, residents of Hong Kong were so eager to see the much-talked-about Russian sailing vessel that they said that the city would pay for all the expenditures linked with the vessel’s staying in the port. Thus, the crew decided to change their initial plans.

Captain Nikolay Zorchenko says:

“Hong Kong is a really unforgettable sight! Its skyscrapers, even higher than in New York, with their laser illumination of all colors, produce an impression of a fairy tale. Moreover, we came to Hong Kong right on the day when the Chinese were celebrating New Year according to their calendar. It was great fun indeed!”

It is planned that “Sedov” will stay in the Hong Kong port for 3 days – and, within all this time, it will be opened for visitors. It is expected that 15,000 people a day may visit the vessel within these 3 days – a record that has never been set by “Sedov” before.

The Russian sailors are planning to ascend a mount called Victoria near the city of Hong Kong, from which, a beautiful panorama of the city can be viewed. They are also planning to look at the famous 34-meter-high statue of Buddha and to taste the local delicacies.

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