22 February 2013, 20:14

Harlem Shake video meme seeps into Eastern Europe (VIDEO)

Harlem Shake video meme seeps into Eastern Europe (VIDEO)

Baauer’s track “Harlem Shake” has become the hottest meme to do on the internet since it went viral in the beginning of February. How much of an instant hit has it become? It has been reported that around 4 thousand 30 second videos were made in a single day, while all together over 40 million have viewed videos of people doing the Harlem Shake meme. It can become even more popular than PSY’s GANGNAM STYLE video.

Each video starts out with the same rhythmic beat, and the lyrics “El Con Terrorista”, once those three magic words are heard, the person in the video starts nodding their head, gyrating, humping the air or a combination of all three. Their clothes could be rather average but they always have a mask or motorcycle helmet so they their real identity stays concealed

However, the rest of the crowd either stands still or pays no attention to the person acting ridiculous. Once the bass drops and the lyrics “And do the Harlem Shake” are heard, the entire group goes wild. How outrageous do people become? Some participants do handstands, while others hold objects like bananas or stuffed animals. Everyone is moving around in a jittery manner, never holding still for a second, and they continue doing the same action over and over again. In a few videos posted on YouTube, dancers look like they are having a seizure while grasping onto a random obscure item.

The song and the meme come from two different places though, believe it or not. Baauer is a producer based out of Brooklyn, in his 20s while the spastic moves came from Filthy Frank a 19 year old, who’s YouTube original video of Harlem Shake has exploded to over 17 million views since first being launched on February 2 of this year. Without question, this craze started in America but has quickly found its way into Eastern Europe. Below are some videos of people getting crazy to the beat of Baauer’s Harlem Shake, one country at a time—all in the metro.

Dancing to the Harlem Shake in the Moscow Metro

Dancing to the Harlem Shake in the Kiev Metro

Dancing to the Harlem Shake in the Tbilisi Metro

Dancing to the Harlem Shake in the Warsaw Metro

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