21 February 2013, 22:33

Baby without face delivered at Bombay Hospital

Baby without face delivered at Bombay Hospital

In a rare instance, a stillborn without facial features and only one lower limb was delivered at Bombay Hospital in Marine Lines.

The baby was one of twins delivered by a woman. The other is a normal male.

The stillborn had only the abdomen and a lower limb. It did not have separately formed face or facial features.

Dr Shilpa Ambekar, who carried out the delivery, said: "This is a rare case. One of the twins possibly did not get adequate blood supply in the womb." She said the mother was healthy.

Ambekar said the medical term for the condition was "acardiac monster." It happens when two foetuses share an umbilical cord and only one gets adequate nutrition.

The umbilical cord connects the foetus to placenta, which supplies nutrients and oxygen. Normally, twins have separate umbilical cords.

Ambekar said there had been only 60 such cases worldwide and 6-7 in India. She said the condition may affect development of the normal baby as a part of blood flow goes to the other foetus.

Voice of Russia, The Indian Express

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