19 February 2013, 19:10

Did the Russian meteorite create “Astro” Slime?

Did the Russian meteorite create “Astro” Slime?

Slimy glops of “cosmic space” jelly have shown up at the RSPB Ham Wall Nature reserve in Somerset. This odd–looking green goo ended up on some of the grass banks of the reserve just 3 days after the meteorite hit the city of Chelyabinsk in central Russia. Since slime of this proportion only shows up after meteor activity, some claim that the mystery glop is from space. Could Russia’s meteorite have caused the weird substance to appear in Somerset, England?

The connection between Russia’s hit and England’s special gel is precise—in folklore that is. A very similar slime by the name of astral jelly or astromyxin is left over after meteor showers occur. A spokesperson for RSPB, Tony Whitehead said that “although we don’t know what it actually is, similar substances have been described previously”. Whitehead is spot on when he mentions previous encounters. Slime of this consistency has been reportedly seen since the 14th century. Also, people visiting the reserve are strongly encouraged not to touch the substance.

Though since this is not the first time this unknown entity has shown up, shouldn’t we have tested something of this nature? Well, researchers actually have poked and prodded at a form of astral jelly in the past. The National Geographic Society conducted tests on the goopy texture discovered in the US. The results were murky though, as they found absolutely no DNA in it, leaving them with more questions than answers.

Loads of theories are out there as well. One conclusion is that it could be Nostoc. This fresh water alga is normally not visible on the ground however, after it rains it bloats up into a jelly-like formation. Another theory had come from Thomas Pennant, a naturalist and author. He believed this gel-like substance was puke from an animal.

The cosmic jelly we are dealing with right now is still a mystery which is yet to be solved. Some speculate that this unidentified slime is from outer space. Others wonder if this jelly is the after effect of the Russian meteor. In all actuality though, could it have been caused by a different natural phenomenon that we haven’t ever considered?

For the time being, it is too soon to say where this particular slime originated from. Luckily, specialists are going to test this foreign and possibly out of this world goo but the data may not reveal a clue as to what this questionable substance is. Perhaps the unknown slime is a byproduct from meteor activity or perhaps it’s a mere coincidence.

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