5 February 2013, 18:17

Sweden won’t last 2 days against Russia – Swedish Commander

Sweden won’t last 2 days against Russia – Swedish Commander

A scandal has erupted in Sweden after the Swedish Armed Forces chief, Sverker Göranson, said that his country wouldn’t last even two days against Russia, in an attempt to spur Sweden’s NATO entry.

Swedish Prosecution has accused the General of divulging state secrets.

The number of Swedes backing NATO entry has been declining ever since Gen. Göranson told the local Svenska Dagbladet daily that Sweden had never been armed well enough to stand against the Soviet Union or Russia on its own. He stressed that in case of Russian threat Stockholm would require the help of the NATO or America. The General pointed out that Swedish politicians were standing in the way of the country’s militarization.

To add substance to his warning, Gen. Göranson reminded the journalist about the 2008 Russian-Georgian war, which allegedly proved that European borders could be changed as a result of a military attack. The Commander also drew attention to Russia’s beefing up its Army under President Vladimir Putin, although he stressed that such an attack on Sweden was very unlikely.

Voice of Russia, Newsru.com

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