5 February 2013, 11:24

New York police spying on Muslims

New York police spying on Muslims

The New York Civil Liberties Union has filed charges against NYPD for renewing surveillance of Muslims. They are seeking an injunction against further surveillance of Muslims without evidence and a new auditor to oversee police activities.

NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly has been defending the program. “As a matter of Police Department policy, undercover officers and confidential informants do not enter a mosque unless they are following up on a lead vetted under Handschu,” he said at the Carnegie Council last September.

Handschu guidelines are meant to insure that the police only monitor a suspect or suspects when there is a clear indication that they are about to commit a crime.

Earlier, a Queens resident of Bangladeshi descent was recruited as a spy by a NYPD officer to “spy on members of the Muslim communities in New York” in “mosques and other locations.”

Shamiur Rahman, the informant, said he “recorded cell phone numbers from the sign-up sheet of people who attended Islamic instruction classes.”

He told reporters that “according to my NYPD boss Steve, the NYPD considers being a religious Muslim a terrorism indicator.”

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