31 January 2013, 21:51

Nuclear disarmament: hidden reasons

Nuclear disarmament: hidden reasons

Chuck Hagel has become the first US Secretary of Defense to publicly advocate for sharp, and possibly, unilateral, reduction in the number of U.S. nuclear weapons. Mr. Hagel supports an international movement called Global Zero that calls for the elimination of all nuclear weapons in the whole of the world.

According to AP, Hagel was co-author of a Global Zero report last May that proposed, as an interim step, reducing the U.S. arsenal to 900 weapons within a decade, with half deployed and the other half in reserve. That compares with a current U.S. stockpile of 5,000, of which 1,700 are deployed and capable of striking targets around the globe.

In fact, the idea is not new. If we look back at the end of the 20th century, we’ll discover that at the time people like Condoleeza Rice, Dick Cheney and a number of other analysts wrote that US had a fantastic chance to leave its probable rivals and contenders somewhere very much behind. Their conclusion was based on tremendous advancements achieved by the US in military technology.

The concept was supported by political statement, made by Henry Kissinger, who said that very soon nuclear weapons would not be needed, and that the US would develop their break-through technologies much quicker with the nuclear disarmament.

American experts singled out three important areas for development: unmanned aerial vehicles of different denominations different sizes and different capacity. A 25 year long program was taken in 2002, subsidized by the State.

The second area is cyber technology and the idea of cyber warfare. It has already been launched, and tested – remember the Stuxnet, etc. And the third is space where the US have remained the only dominant actor now.

However, unfortunately for those clever people, including those who operate the DARPA, which is the US State institution supporting the break-through technologies, President G.W. Bush decided to go to war on the global terror. The US squandered trillions of dollars which had been planned for another purpose – that of developing the technologies which would take the US into the 21 century, leaving all their rivals behind in the 20th century – in the military sense.

Yet, the authors of this concept have found an attentive listener in President Obama who used his first four-year Presidential term to take resolute steps, putting an end to those foolish wars.

Now we are on the verge of an extremely important development, which was forecasted at the end of the 20 century. The US have succeeded in creating a monstrous war machine, supported by sophisticated economic and technological potential, developing their dominance in the 21 century. It means that other countries of the world, including Russia, need to revise their current policies and doctrines to match the requirements of the new century warfare.

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