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‘The US Government has no right to take away guns’ – interview

‘The US Government has no right to take away guns’ – interview
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In an interview for the Voice of Russia, Bill Wilson, talks about why Americans have the right to stay armed. He says a small percentage of the population is responsible for gun violence in America and that these people must be aggressively dealt with. According to Mr. Wilson US law enforcement in incapable of protecting the American people and it is time for the people to stand up and take their liberty back.

Robles: My first question is regarding violence and guns in America. And what you and you organization propose to do to solve the problem?

Wilson: Well, if you look at the country as a whole, obviously we have high numbers of gun crimes and murders committed with a fire arm. So it strikes us as kind of counter-productive or almost disingenuous to attempt to disarm the mass of the public which are law-abiding and are not using fire arms for crimes.

Robles: What about these… and this is a phenomenon that is pretty much only going on, in the world, in the United States: these repeated mass shootings!

Wilson: First off, the incidents of mass shootings in the United States are no greater today “mass acts of violence” than they were 20, 30 or 50, 60 years ago. And in point of fact the incidents have actually become less!

The idea that somehow the United States is uniquely a violent country is absurd propaganda. You don’t see Americans killing people of a different ethnic group just for the hell of it!

Robles: I don’t know of any other country in the world with so many mass killings. As far as racial murders, I mean, we could argue about that, but. What does your organization propose? Now, I understand from what you’re saying, you are against gun control and disarming America.

Wilson: We’re 100% opposed to anything that reduces the right of an individual to have a fire arm. And that the government: they don’t have the right, period, to take guns away from the American people. That right was put in the Constitution for a reason. And that reason was that an armed citizen was the best defense from the government itself!

Robles: That was at a time when there was actually… I mean, they could call up militias!

Wilson: You have the police chiefs now of major cities admitting that they can’t possibly help citizens in time. By the time you call 9-11 and if someone is beating on your door, or you’re in a high crime area: you better be able to defend yourself. Now! That’s the police chief of Milwaukee!

Robles: What if you take the guns away from everybody, so nobody has them?

Wilson: You have these single most egregious, strict gun control laws in the country in Chicago and in Washington D.C., and it makes no difference. The criminals have no problem getting guns. The only thing you do with your laws is you disarm law-abiding citizens and you make them dependent on the state for their own protection. We believe that all of the facts prove, and inherently, that an individual depending on the state, we have another name for that: it’s called “victim”, that the state is unable to defend, and can not, in fact has proven it cannot.

Robles: The U.S. government, the police services: they are incapable of protecting the population, in your words.

Wilson: I believe that the state is incapable of defending the people. American philosophy is that if we’re free individuals, we take care of ourselves. Only look to government when either: we have to or we’re forced to.

Robles: The U.S. has the most militarized aggressive police apparatus anywhere on the planet. And you’re saying that they’re not capable of protecting Americans. Why? Is crime so high? I mean: are there so many guns that average people can’t protect themselves?

Wilson: The large number of guns in the United States is directly attributable, I think, to the safety of most neighborhoods.

Robles: So, okay, your answer to the problem?

Wilson: My answer to the problem is an aggressive all-out confrontation of gangs and of people who are already barred by law from owning a firearm.

Robles: And these are mostly blacks and Latinos?

Wilson: Felons: they’re not allowed to have guns!


Robles: Now. You are for less government. Now, who should be carrying out this crackdown?

Wilson: I would contend that it is a proper role for government to provide for the common defense to go after those gangs and those elements in society that are perpetrating 80% of the gun violence.

Robles: And if they don’t?

Wilson: What do you mean, “If they don’t?” Then their reaction is to take away rights from everyone else. I think that’s the height of insanity and collectivist goal.

Robles: Why are they doing that then?

Wilson: Why?

Robles: Yeah.

Wilson: Because they fear the American people and they want to disarm the American public.

Robles: Why do they fear the American people?

Wilson: Because I don’t think they believe the American people will fall for the collectivist totalitarian crap that they’re spreading.

Robles: Are you saying that the government is afraid of an uprising or something like that?

Wilson: I think the government is afraid of an armed populace. I think that is the key of it, yeah. That was the purpose to the Second Amendment. That individuals, an armed citizenry could defend its freedom from those that would take it away. That was what the founders wrote.

Robles: Would you say that the American government, in the last say, couple of decades, has been taking away your freedoms?

Wilson: I think government has been taking away individual liberty for the past 50 years, yeah.

Robles: For the past 50 years. Do you think it’s time that people stood up, or?

Wilson: If you think you’ll get me to call for an armed uprising that will never happen. Do I want to the see the American people take back their liberties? Yeah, I do!

Robles: Okay, not “armed”! Just stand up and say; “We’ve had it! That’s enough!”

Wilson: Yeah. I do!

Robles: You think it’s time?

Wilson: You know? The interesting thing John is the disconnect between the elites in this country, the political elites, regardless of party, and the average citizen has never been greater. And I’m not talking about NBC polls that are manipulated by the question. All you have to do is to go to neighborhoods, go out around the country and talk to people and you can see that there’s a total disconnect.

Robles: They’re afraid of?

Wilson: I think they’re afraid of the American people being in a position to not accept their rules or orders. Why else would the act this way? Why else would you have people talking about disarming the public, in a total sense?

Robles: So you think they have manipulated and blown out proportion: gun violence, to give them a reason to take away everybody’s guns right?

Wilson: Well. The events in Connecticut were not 72-hours-old, and what you had was a well-orchestrated campaign from the White House on gun control.

Nowhere was there a discussion of the fact of addressing the mental health systems in the country. Nowhere was there a discussion of school security. Nowhere was there a discussion of the incidents of psychotropic drugs and shooters. There was none of that!

Robles: Sure, I hear you! Of course.

Wilson:But there was certainly a push for “We have to take guns away from the American people!

Robles: From everybody right?


Robles: I see.

Wilson: Somehow that was the instant solution. And so you’re left with the question: Why was the immediate knee-jerk reaction backed up with a very major propaganda campaign aimed at one thing: Let’s take guns! Let’s take them!


Bill Wilson is the President for Americans for Limited Government 


Bill Wilson (http://getliberty.org/), a Maryland native born in 1953, is a limited government activist, referred to by one New York Times article as, “a member of Washington’s permanent class of ideological activists.” Wilson currently presides as the president of Americans for Limited Government; a Virginia based non-profit group promoting small government. He has been active in the limited government movement for more than 30 years, working with various groups pushing right-to-work laws, term limits and school choice.

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