29 January 2013, 14:09

Russia compiles list of banned US nationals

Russia compiles list of banned US nationals

Moscow has said it has been drawing up the list of American nationals who will be barred from travelling to Russia, the country’s foreign minister Sergei Lavrov said Tuesday, Voice of Russia’s Olga Denisova reports.

“The Foreign Ministry is acting on the law better known as Dima Yakovlav Act, especially the part dealing with the list [of banned US citizens],” Mr. Lavrov said, adding the names on the list wouldn’t be made public.

Lavrov bashes the West for ignoring Kosovo vandalism

Russia has criticized the West for its indifference towards outrageous acts of vandalism against Serbian tombs in Kosovo, Russia’s foreign minister Sergei Lavrov has said.

“We have been disappointed at how our Western partners have been dealing with acts of vandalism against Serbian tombs, especially considering the fact that vandalism has been committed against the tombs of WWII veterans,” Mr. Lavrov said on the heels of his meeting with Macedonia’s foreign chief Nikola Poposki.

Sergei Lavrov described this tendency as an attempt to rewrite the history of World War Two.

Speaking on the issue of political stability in the Balkans, Mr. Lavrov said Moscow was against “redrawing European borders.”

“It’s important to follow key provisions of the Helsinki Final Act,” he said, adding that the Balkans had seen a lot of bloodshed over the past few decades.

Moscow seriously concerned over delayed hearing of Russian sailors' case in Nigeria - Lavrov

Moscow is seriously concerned over the adjourned hearing of the case of Russian sailors detained in Nigeria, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told a Tuesday press conference in Moscow.

"We expect the probe into the case of Russian sailors, who were arrested in Nigeria, will continue without any further delays. We have already warned the Nigerian authorities… We hope this situation won’t deteriorate Russia-Nigeria relations," - Sergei Lavrov said.

The Russian Foreign Ministry and the Russian Embassy in Abuja are dealing with the problem daily and maintaining contact with the Nigerian Embassy in Moscow, he said.

It was reported earlier that a Nigerian court has adjourned for two weeks the hearing of the appeal to free Russian crew members of the MV Myre Seadiver.

The vessel manned by 15 Russians was detained at the Lagos seaport on October 19, 2012.

The Nigerian media said 14 AK-47 submachine guns, 42 rifles and more than 8,500 shells were found aboard. The vessel is anchored at a Nigerian naval base.

Russia, Macedonia to jointly secure Balkan stabilization

Russia considers Macedonia its key partner in the mission of stabilizing the Balkans, Russia’s foreign chief Sergei Lavrov said at a meeting with his Macedonian counterpart, Nikola Poposki, who arrived in Moscow for a round of talks.

“We hope that, apart from talks on bilateral and international agendas, you’ll also have some time for a tour around the capital,” Mr. Lavrov said greeting Nikola Poposki.

It’s the first Russian visit for the Macedonian foreign minister. “We have a history of good relationships, there are no unsolved issues,” Sergei Lavrov said. “There is considerable potential, and we should focus our efforts to help its realization,” he added.

The Russian foreign chief also underscored the importance of stronger ties with Macedonia.

Voice of Russia, TASS, Interfax

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