23 January 2013, 11:03

77 Russians have arrived in Moscow from Syria

77 Russians have arrived in Moscow from Syria

Russians who felt like returning home from Syria have been flown in to Moscow by two Emergencies Ministry airliners. 77 people all told have arrived by two charter flights.

They were compelled to leave Syria due to hostilities, instability and aggression of the opposition, said the Russians who arrived from various Syrian regions.

According to one of them, a Damascus University Professor, rebel fighters engage in plundering and keep bombing the capital city, including the city centre.

He said he was grateful to Russia for bringing him back home.

Russians flown back home from Syria

The Russians who said they felt like going back home from Syria have been flown in to Moscow by Emergencies Ministry airliners.

The news is circulated by a spokesman for the Emergencies Ministry.

A charter flight has brought to Moscow 49 Russian citizens, mostly women and children.

28 other compatriots arrived in the Russian capital by an earlier flight. According to Russian diplomats, this is not a planned evacuation.

The returning Russians are those who lived in different Syria’s regions and lost their homes and were left without sustenance due to the raging armed conflict.

Voice of Russia, RIA, Interfax

Russia doesn’t plan all-out evacuation from Syria

Russia is not planning to evacuate all of its citizens from Syria now, First Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei Denisov said.

"No full-scale evacuation is being planned as such. The embassy is continuing to work as usual," Denisov told journalists on Tuesday.

Russia evacuates its citizens from Syria

Two planes of the Russian Emergencies Ministry have arrived in Lebanon to evacuate some 100 Russian citizens who expressed a wish to leave Syria.

Earlier, three buses with about 80 Russians, accompanied by Russian embassy officials, crossed the Syrian-Lebanese border.

The evacuees are from Damascus, Aleppo, Hama and Homs and include Russian women married to Syrian men as well as their husbands and children who have Russian citizenship.

Voice of Russia, Interfax, RIA

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