Under the Radar-3: RFID chips being used to track students and US and al-Qaeda working hand in hand

The surveillance of Americans by their government continues unabated, the US was in Mali long before the French arrived supposedly working with al-Qaeda, and Germany is withdrawing its gold reserves worldwide. All of these events are currently taking place “Under the Radar”.

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Every week hundreds of important events occur that are important to all of us but which do not get enough media attention, either because they are over-shadowed by other major news or because they do not fit the pre-planned message that many of the world’s media are trying to promote, there is a journalistic responsibility to tell the whole story which we always attempt to do. Although we keep our eyes on the world this week’s most pressing issues that have been suppressed come from the US.

1. FBI and secret surveillance techniques

Have you hear of an IMSI catcher or Stingray? Neither did I until I read this story. The device is being used by the FBI and is basically a fake cell phone tower that is used to determine the location of all cells phones in a certain area and intercept all phone calls and texts. It is just one of the US FBI’s new tools to spy on you and one they do not want you to know about.

“Currently, EFF is suing the government for its secret interpretation of the Patriot Act Section 215, and for secret FISA court opinions that could shed light on the NSA warrantless wiretapping program. In addition, the ACLU has sued the Obama administration for its legal opinion stating it can kill US citizens overseas, away from the battlefield.”

Electronic Frontier Foundation


2. Maybe it is not surprising anymore that the US and al-Qaeda are working hand in hand to spread war and terror and keep the endless global “war on Terror” alive, but it may be a little known fact that they were operating in Mali when the Tuareg took over the country.

“… there was already a US presence in Mali in the summer of 2012. What they were doing there remains a mystery, as it is a mystery if the ever co-present flip flops on the ground were there inciting the perpetual scapegoat Al Qaeda to do this, or that. Or maybe it was not the CIA. Maybe it was the Army's "little-known and secretive" branch known as the Intelligence and Security Command.”


3. Germany has recently pulled all of its gold from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and is in the process of testing all of its gold worldwide. Why? This articles claims that “they” now have a TEMPEST style device that can locate and analyze gold emanations.

“News that Germany will remove 300 tons of gold from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York gold vault repeats the oft-made claim the vault is 80 feet below ground."


4. MOSSAD agents rarely get caught but when they do it should not be ignored, especially when they are hand-picked and trained from prisoners held at Guantanamo.

“For the first time in history, an Israeli agent of Pakistani origin has been arrested from Lahore, who is reportedly from the Seraiki belt region. Sources have revealed that the culprit was held at Guantanamo Bay for two and a half years, during the course of which he was subjected to brainwashing. After that, he was sent to Afghanistan where he was specially trained to plan terrorism. And finally, he was sent back to Pakistan.”


5. Well Americans, you were warned and you allowed it to happen. Now if you protest what your government does or do anything that appears to be aimed at “coercing” the populace in any way, you may be labeled a terrorist and secretly arrested and disappeared.

“A written exam administered by the Pentagon labels “protests” as a form of “low-level terrorism” — enraging civil liberties advocates and activist groups who say it shows blatant disregard of the First Amendment.”


6. The fact that American students are now being required to wear RFID tracking devices like cattle is something I wrote about before but the fact that the state is able to win the right to do such a thing in court is something that should be making the headlines worldwide.

“Hernandez, who has been threatened with expulsion for refusing to wear a chipless RFID tracking badge, had her request for a preliminary injunction denied by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals and the Western District of Texas.”


7. Riding your bike and arguing with a police officer are crimes in California. This has been going on for decades but the idiocy of it has as far as I know never been filmed until now.

“As a result of the man ‘arguing’ with him, the criminal in uniform insists on adding a made up charge for ‘speeding’ to add on top of the made up charge of biking on the wrong side of a bike path.”


8. Right wing propaganda tool called out for calling Americans “stupid”

US media watchdog, Media Matters for America calls out fearmongering gasbag Bill O’Reilly as he insults ALL Americans and calls them “stupid”.

“So, I have to play Paul Revere here. I have to continue to tell you the truth. But I also believe many Americans simply will not listen. And even worse, they are not smart enough -- not smart enough to even care. Disaster could be coming.”


9. The death of Aaron Swartz is something the mass media may not want you to know about, especially as many are claiming his death was a murder disguised as a suicide. If you are interested in some of the writings of Mr. Swartz please visit Cryptome which is keeping a large archive of Mr. Swartz’s writings and work.


10. Al-Qaeda, created, funded and backed by the US is expanding their role in Syria and the Syrians they claim to be fighting for are not happy. Surprise, surprise!

"They see stealing things that used to belong to the government, like copper factories, or any factory, as no problem," said the rebel commander. "They are selling it to the Turks and using the money for themselves. This is wrong. This is money for the people."