21 January 2013, 15:16

Russia again in rating of best "brain centres"

Russia again in rating of best "brain centres"

The Institute of World Economy and International Relations (IMEMO) of the Russian Academy of Sciences has once again made its way to the list of the best world politological organizations that is compiled annually by the experts of the University of Pennsylvania.

If earlier the organizations of Eastern Europe and the CIS countries were not taken into consideration now experts more and more often pay attention to the countries in the post-Soviet space.

There is a very serious rivalry among all those who want to be included in the global rating of the most influential expert organizations – there were more than 6,500 scientific-research organizations from all parts of the world among the candidates this time, and only one-fourth of them was admitted into the finals. At the moment, we can’t name the lucky ones. However, a preliminary announcement was made during the official presentation in Washington that the Institute of World Economy and International Relations (Russia) is now listed as one of the best “brain centres”. Russian experts say that it is a logical development. An expert with the Institute of World Economy and International Relations, Fyodor Voitolovsky says that there is reason to believe that the Moscow State Institute of International Relations, the Institute of the US and Canadian Studies, and the Institute of Economics of the Russian Academy of Sciences will be put on that list. The list of highly-qualified organizations might be broadened, he stressed.

"The publications of Russian, Chinese and Brazilian experts in English have started to appear more often. However, the works published in Russian are not taken into consideration in such ratings. Probably, the reason is financing."

The Institute of World Economy and International Relations is cooperating with the research centres in more than 20 countries, including the USA, Austria, Germany, Sweden, China, Japan, Korea, and Singapore. It prepares large-scale research works dealing with tendencies visible in both the modern world politics and the world economy, gives consultations to the government bodies and works out entrepreneurship strategies, remaining an independent centre. The fact that it is included in the above-mentioned rating means that it has received additional advantages, Director of the Institute of Educational Development at the National Research University the Higher School of Economics Irina Abankina says.

"All this ensures modern agenda in research work and the possibility to receive orders for intellectual developments not only from Russian clients but also from their foreign counterparts. The high positions occupied by the Russian Institute of World Economy and International Relations enable it to retain a certain market of intellectual services."

Experts say that it is high time for Russia to think about compiling global ratings of its own. However, for the time being the USA remains the main author of the majority of such lists. By the way, in the USA influencial expert organizations are called “think tanks”. With every passing day they are playing more important role on the world political arena. A full list of the most influential scientific-research organizations will be published in the middle of this week.

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