21 January 2013, 15:40

In Amenas death toll at 114

In Amenas death toll at 114

The known deaths in the hostage tragedy in In Amenas in Algeria are at 114. Thirty-two of the bodies have been identified as belonging to terrorists, and 57, as belonging to hostages, including three from Great Britain and nine from Japan. Twenty-five bodies have yet to be identified.

In their crackdown on the In Amenas gas plant Saturday, Algerian special forces successfully freed 792 hostages, 685 Algerian and 107 foreign.

The plant was operated by Britain’s BP, Norway’s Statoil and Algeria’s Sonatrach.

Moscow condemns terrorist attack on Algerian gas complex

Moscow has strongly condemned the recent terrorist attack on a gas complex in Algeria. 

The Russian Foreign Ministry also offers condolences to the near and dear of the killed hostages and Algerian law enforcement body officers.

The Foreign Ministry wishes a speedy recovery to all those injured.

57 hostages thought to have been killed in Algeria

The death toll of hostages following the end of the four-day siege of the In Amenas gas facility in Algeria now stands at 57.

At least nine Japanese people were today reported to have been killed, while yesterday Algerian troops reportedly found the bodies of 25 more hostages.

Nearly 700 Algerian workers and more than 100 foreigners are thought to have escaped.

Three Britons have been confirmed dead and three more, along with one British resident, are also thought to have been killed.

Algeria hostage-takers threaten more attacks

The Mulathameen Brigade that claimed the mass hostage-taking in Algeria threatened to carry out more attacks unless Western powers ended what it called an assault on Muslims in neighbouring Mali, according to the SITE monitoring service.

In a statement on Monday, the al Qaeda linked group, whose name means "The Masked Ones", said the hostage-takers had offered negotiations on freeing the captives seized at a gas plant in Algeria but the Algerian authorities used military force, SITE reported.

The statement was published by the Mauritania-based Nouakchott News Agency, according to SITE, which tracks statements by militants.

The Brigade said it would attempt further such attacks if there was no halt to Western military involvement in northern Mali, which militant groups call Azawad and where French forces are fighting to end control by Islamist groups.

"We promise all the countries that participated in the Crusader campaign against the Azawad region that we will carry out more operations if they do not reverse their decision," the statement said.

Algeria gas plant staff probed over complicity in hostage-taking crisis

Algerian investigators are looking into allegations of complicity of several gas plant staff in the recent hostage-taking near In Amenas, the local Al Shorouk daily reports.

According to the paper, four BP security officers, five employees of Algeria-run Sonatrach energy company and two canteen workers are suspected of having provided terrorists with a detailed map of the gas facility, which was used in preparation to the attack.

Police registered phone calls made by the suspects to Mali and Libya, where the attack had allegedly been planned. During the raid, Algerian troops also seized three satellite communications devices used by the terrorists and are now checking call records.

One of the assailants earlier confessed they had a map of the gas plant and were gearing up for the attack for two months, Al Shorouk says.

A group 40 terrorists launched an attack on the gas facility deep in the Sahara desert last Wednesday, kidnapping its staff. A raid by Algerian troops captured or killed the terrorists and freed 685 Algerians and 107 foreign hostages. 48 workers lost their lives during the operation. The final list of casualties is expected to be revealed on Monday.

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