16 January 2013, 15:33

Abnormal frosts during global warming

Abnormal frosts during global warming

Abnormal frosts and snowfalls registered in the world in recent times are the result of global warming. The earth is getting warm – hence, air acquires more moisture. As a result, there appear high snowfall amounts, and we observe a below normal drop in temperature.

Frosts in California in the USA, snowfalls in the Middle East and abnormal frosts in Siberia in Russia. Although we are halfway through the winter, there are many weather surprises today. Wrapping themselves up in the warm clothes, people begin to strongly doubt whether a global warming is really an accomplished fact. Just for nothing, Head of the Greenpeace Russia energy programme Vladimir Chuprov says.

"It would be more correct to speak about global climate change, not about global warming. There have appeared colder deserts where snowfalls occur. The Gulf Stream is getting cold. That is why many people are deceived. Here one should clearly understand one thing - that winters have become colder and summers – warmer. However, on the average, the temperature is going up."

Quite a number of climate anomalies were registered last year. According to the Russian Agency on Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring (Rosgidromet), 90 records of positive temperature coefficients were beaten in Russia alone, and the absolute night-time temperature minimum was registered in this country in 2012. However, one should not link these record weather fluctuations with greenhouse gas emissions, Director of the Institute of Noospheric Development and Research Boris Rezhabek says.

"“I won’t deny the existence of climate changes. The temperature rises and falls here and there. The geological history offers proof of this. However, to say that this is caused by human activities or is the result of anthropogenic phenomena is non-scientific. Temperature ups and downs are a natural phenomenon."

World Bank experts say that global temperature may rise by about 4 degrees Celsius by the end of the 21century. As a result, the world may change beyond recognition.

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