11 January 2013, 16:05

Doctors use Coca-Cola to treat stomach blockages

Doctors use Coca-Cola to treat stomach blockages

Due to its ingredients the popular soft drink Coca-Cola, which some consider as harmless, can be used as a primary remedy for treating stomach blockages, thus preventing any further surgical procedure, doctors say.

Doctors have found a new way to treat gastric phytobezoar, a stomach blockage that can cause bowel obstruction. This blockage can be caused by certain fruits that are not digested properly. Though there is a wide range of treatment from lasers to full surgery, Coke has also proved to be efficient in 90 percent of cases. Its ingredients have the same effect on fibre as gastric acid. According to the Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics journal’s report, Diet Coke and Coke Zero work effectively as well, as they contain the same basic ingredients.

The University of Athens’ researchers analyzed the state of health of 46 patients with the disorder and concluded that after treatment with the fizzy drink, half of them have completely recovered, nineteen patients had to undergo a non-invasive treatment and only four needed full surgery.

As the study shows, Coca-Cola is a cheap way to treat stomach blockages, as it has proper acidity rating and its bubbles accelerates the rate of digestion. Although, it is not a panacea for all cases of the disorder, it is at least likely to relieve it.

Voice of Russia, Daily Mail

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