4 January 2013, 03:14

U.S. seeks ABM cooperation with Russia - Nuland

U.S. seeks ABM cooperation with Russia - Nuland

In a statement issued on Thursday by U.S. State Department representative Victoria Nuland, the U.S. continues to seek ways to “cooperate” with Russia in the field of missile defense.

Nuland stated: "We continue to seek to cooperate with Russia on missile defense. We believe that both countries will benefit from this, because we face the same threats."

She added that Washington was ready to work with Moscow on a bilateral basis and in a dialogue between NATO and Russia.

Voice of Russia, RIA

US ABMs cannot be allowed to hurt Russian interests – Lavrov

Russia remains open to dialogue with the US and NATO on everything that concerns missile defence. It continues to seek a joint anti-missile system or binding guarantees that no American or NATO missile defence installation on European soil will compromise its deterrence capability.

Speaking to a foreign policy round table in Moscow Sunday, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov also pointed out that any agreement on such guarantees must be easily verifiable.

He said that America’s reluctance to modify its missile defence programme is a serious obstacle to better relations between Moscow and Washington.

The current programme is fraught with risks for Russia’s strategic missile forces.

Voice of Russia, TASS

NATO should change its ABM stance for better relations with Moscow

There will be no progress in Russia-NATO relations if the alliance doesn’t change its stance on anti-missile defense expansion, Russia’s envoy to NATO Alexander Glushko stated Thursday.

“Any move forward is impossible without drastic changes in the issue”, the official said from Brussels.

Voice of Russia, Interfax

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