3 January 2013, 20:11

2012 Recap. Nobel Prize for EU leads to scandal

2012 Recap. Nobel Prize for EU leads to scandal

Awarding the Nobel Peace Prize 2012 to the European Union (EU) for the work done by it to unite Europe and to turn it from a continent of war into a continent of peace has led to a scandal. Experts were shocked by the absurdity of this decision.

According to the last will of Alfred Nobel, the annual Peace Prize should be given to one who makes an outstanding contribution to the unity of nations, to the elimination of slavery, to the armies’ contingent cuts, and to the promotion of peace activity. Among its laureates were, the founder of the Committee of the Red Cross Henry Dunant, Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, Mikhail Gorbachev, and also some organizations, including the United Nations Children’s Fund UNICEF and Doctors without Borders. In this context, the European Union will prove unworthy of this prize, leader of the UK Independence Party Nigel Farage said.

The European Union developed from the European Coal and Steel Community that was set up for the protection of economic interests of a small group of countries, not for peace all over the world. And as regards military campaigns, the EU member-states quietly take part in them, Chairman of the Civil Society Committee Svetlana Gannushkina said.

“I’m strongly opposed to the use of force while interfering in other countries’ affairs, which we have seen more than once – in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and the Former Yugoslavia. Therefore, I don’t find that the EU can be qualified as a peace champion. I’m afraid that in this case political interests have prevailed over world values and democracy”.

Possibly, officials have decided to use the Nobel Prize as a means to strengthen the European Union. One should not forget that the commission on awarding the Nobel Peace Prize is headed by CE Secretary General Turbjern Jagland, an expert with the National Strategy Institute, Pavel Svyatenkov, says.

“Actually, this was a self-awarding procedure that resembled very much similar procedures in the now defunct Soviet Union under Brezhnev when the Hero of the Soviet Union title, numerous literary prizes and the like were given to Leonid Brezhnev. In this case, a whole cultural and political space is subjected to senile decay. As it has become visible in recent years, the Nobel Prize has been awarded to all those who have high-ranking posts, with due regard for political arguments while real peace keepers are ignored”.

Experts say that achievements honoured by the Nobel Prize 2012 in other disciplines are prophetic and with a view into the future. Research in physics, chemistry and medicine is important from a theoretical point of view but once it is put into practice it could change our lives. In this context the Nobel Peace Prize 2012 awarded to the European Union seems strange and a step back.

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