2 January 2013, 21:20

Egyptian opposition wants seats in parliament

Egyptian opposition wants seats in parliament

An Egyptian opposition organization that calls itself “The Front of National Salvation” and unites the country’s most influential secular parties, has officially expressed its wish to take part in elections to the parliament’s lower house as a single block.

The share of each party that forms this block will be determined by its popularity and the amount of its divisions in the country. The results of this party in the previous parliamentary elections will also be taken into account.

A statement released by the Front names the most influential people in it. They are Mohamed ElBaradei, once the head of the IAEA and now the head of the “Ad-Dustur” party; Amr Moussa, once the head of the Arab Leage, who now heads the Egyptian Congress Party; and Hamdin Sabahi, the head of “People’s Movement of Egypt”. These three men will undoubtedly be included in the Salvation Front’s list of candidates to parliament.

During the last parliamentary elections in Egypt, the majority of seats were won by two Islamist parties – “The Party of Freedom and Justice”, which has been formed by the Muslim Brothers movement, and the “An Nur” party, which consists mainly of adherents of the Islamist cult “Salafia”.

Voice of Russia, RIA

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