29 December 2012, 17:01

2012 Recap. Mixed marriages - good or bad?

2012 Recap. Mixed marriages - good or bad?

Sociologists say that the number of marriages between representatives of various ethnic and religious groups is growing. The opinions about mixed marriages are split. In countries with unsettled migrant issues the above-mentioned issue is very acute.

Two opinions prevail in the assessment of mixed marriages. Some people believe that such marriages are a motor of progress. They believe that children born to such families are cleverer and more beautiful. Besides, national borders become non-existent in such marriages. An age psychologist, Anzhela Kalistratova, says:

"There is a certain plus for children in such marriages. They learn more about the culture of different peoples and their spiritual world becomes richer. They see that what matters here is a person’s character, not nationality. Thus, children become more tolerant and adequate in this aspect. In the future they will be absolutely tolerant towards mixed marriages."

However, there are other points of view. In mixed marriages national traditions prevail one way or another, sociologists say, Hence, a child has to make a choice. Assistant Professor at the Department of Family Sociology and Demography at the Sociological Faculty at the Lomonosov Moscow State University (MGU) Alexander Sinelnikov says:

"One must not think that mixed marriages lead to the emergence of mankind without nationality. Finally, children will face a task to choose a nationality, and it may happen that the society will regard them as their own or will regard them as aliens. As a result, they suffer."

Geneticists are sending alarming signals too, saying that if parents were brought up in the different from the point of view of ecology and climate zones, their kids will be more subject to immune diseases. Mixed marriages are not always favoured by the people around them, a sociologist, Anatoly Golubovsky, says.

"As regards to the society, what matters here is the level of xenophobia. Besides, there is such a phenomenon as a civil nation. An Algerian citizen living in France for dozens of years regards himself as a French citizen. People always get confused with political, civil, ethnic and nation definitions."

As practice shows, citizenship does not always guarantee success. Even if migrants have passports of the country of their residence, they prefer to settle on ethnic or religious grounds. This is how Chinese, Arab, and Italian quarters emerge outside the borders of migrants’ historical land. While coming into contact with the indigenous population, migrants do not feel well either. In a number of countries enmity towards mixed marriages is based on cultural degradation and the fear of being oppressed.

A situation emerging inside a mixed family as well as the interaction between such families is not well studied yet. The factual collapse of multiculturalism the modern European society has faced is only aggravating the situation. However, experts say that this phenomenon should be carefully analyzed.

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