27 December 2012, 08:03

Bodies of Russians killed in Sudan arriving in Moscow

Bodies of Russians killed in Sudan arriving in Moscow

The bodies of Russian citizens who were killed in South Sudan will arrive in Moscow later today.

On December 21 an Mi-8 helicopter manned by a Russian crew was shot down in the South African country.

The crew was working under contract with the United Nations Mission in South Sudan.

The local military acknowledged that the helicopter was shot down by mistake.

The Russian Foreign Ministry called on the government of South Sudan to investigate the incident and punish those responsible and take steps to prevent similar tragedies and the same demand was made by the UN Security Council with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon issuing sharp condemnation regarding the recklessness of the South Sudan military.

Remains of lost Russian copter crew expected home Thursday

The remains of the four Russian pilots whose Mi-8 helicopter was shot down in South Sudan last Friday are to be flown to Moscow Thursday.

The helicopter was flying a mission for the United Nations. The South Sudanese army says it fired at it by mistake.

Bodies of 4 Russian pilots to be sent home shortly

The remains of the four Russian pilots whose helicopter was shot down in South Sudan on December 21 are expected to be sent to their homeland Wednesday, a Russian diplomat has said.

“The bodies of the deceased pilots will be sent on an Emirates flight at about 3pm local time,” embassy’s Andrei Fyodorovykh said.

The diplomat earlier told reporters the remains of the four men, whose Mi-8 chopper was mistakenly downed by the country’s armed forces, were at a Kampala hospital, Uganda.

The Russian crew was contracted by a the UN Mission in South Sudan to look for possible landing sites when it was brought down near the town of Likuangole.

Russia demands compensation for dead pilots' families

Russia will be pressing for compensations to the families of the crew of a UN-leased Russian helicopter that was mistakenly shot down in South Sudan on December 21.

This country’s UN ambassador Vitaly Churkin said on Monday that the local military command had been informed by the UN officials about the planned flight and the helicopter had been promised complete security by the South Sudanese.

“We will be watching closely the progress of the ongoing investigation and press for efficient measures to be taken to ensure the security of air traffic in South Sudan,” the diplomat said.

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