22 December 2012, 12:44

Kaspersky on Wired.com’s Most Dangerous People in the World List

Kaspersky on Wired.com’s Most Dangerous People in the World List

Evgeny Kaspersky, the founder of Kaspersky Lab., an IT company providing high-end computer protection for millions of users, has been put on the 15 Most Dangerous People in the World List by Wired.com.

The list includes two US whistleblowers, Syria’s president, a Mexican drug lord.

In May, Kaspersky Lab released the discovery of a data-snatching Trojan virus Flame targeting computers in Iran, Israel and other Middle Eastern countries. In August it reported interception of Gauss, another virus spying on Middle East-located computers for financial information, emails and passwords to all kind of pages.

Kaspersky “intercedes in America's efforts to short-circuit Iran's nuclear ambitions”, the Wired’s Danger Room blog explains the selection.

Besides, Wired has again remarked on Kaspersky’s alliance with FSB.

Kaspersky comes in at number 8. Other individuals on the list include Ahmed Abu Khattala, number 9, who is wanted for questioning over Benghazi attack on the US consulate, Egypt’s new leader Mohamed Morsi, number 5, Syria’s President Bashar Assad, number 2, and Iranian hardline general Qassem Suleimani, depicted as the most dangerous person in the world.

Voice of Russia, RT

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