19 December 2012, 16:29

Why Obamacare will turn America to communism

Why Obamacare will turn America to communism

Obamacare is not ready for its formal debut yet but ever since being signed into law, the commotion surrounding socialized medicine in the US has heightened. While patrons believe this will eliminate the high prices they pay to health insurance companies, they are being misguided and ultimately hoodwinked. Will healthcare on this scale make people even sicker and poorer than before? Twila Brase from the Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom, gives her stern warning to the Voice of Russia about the future for medical care in the USA.

On paper the new healthcare reform laws, with the majority of options being activated in 2014, seem a pretty good deal. Taxes will increase but the money will go towards paying for medical expenses such as doctors’ visits and testing. The bad news is that by 2018, a 40 percent tax will be charged to the so-called ‘Cadillac Insurance Policies’, that cost individuals a little over 10 thousand dollars or more for individual cover, according to mygovcost.org .

Everyone in the US will be covered in the near future, however many are not being told the flipside of the story. “What happens with countries with socialized medicine is that they tax the people more and they build the bureaucracies and lots and lots of bureaucratic fingers have to take from the taxes before the money that’s taken actually gets out to the patients and so what you have is a very inefficient, ineffective, costly system, where it has the systems, the bureaucracies taking a significant piece of the money. And so what you end up with is less care for everybody,” explained Twila Brase, President and Co-founder of Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom .

Though a tempting offer, there are a variety of problems surrounding Obamacare. In America, trademarked for its freedom of choice, people would not necessarily have this under the healthcare reform act. Doctors and insurance companies would have no choice about whether to accept or refuse patients, as they have had in the past.

Additionally, no one in America could be without healthcare; if a citizen opts out of the mandatory tax, they will be fined between 300 and 900 hundred dollars after the first year of Obamacare, depending on income and status, just for choosing not to join the crowd.

So who wouldn’t want to be part of a health care system which charges minimal fees, and guarantees some form of health service? According to a November 2012, Gallup poll, 54 percent of Americans do not believe that the federal government should take responsibility for making sure they’re covered in terms of healthcare.

“There’s a completely different thing between being covered and actually being cared for. So, in socialized countries people have coverage but that doesn’t meant that they can get the care they need or that they can get the care they need in a timely fashion. When you talk about whether or not socialized medicine works, it works as a concept of coverage but it does not work at all when it comes to people actually receiving care, which is the only thing that a healthcare system is for, to actually meet the needs of those who are sick and injured,” said Brase, with concern, to the Voice of Russia.

Still, insurance companies in the US force policy holders to pay their dues each month for pricey or pricier policies. Then, when patrons use this very insurance, they have to fork out a "co-pay fee" to the doctor’s office on top of extra cash to pay for prescription medication. A universal healthcare system seems like a dream compared to the bundles of money US residents must spend, just to stay well.

WhiteHouse.gov states that this coming year, “the Medicare program will launch a pilot program to bundle payments for doctors, providing incentives to deliver higher quality health care while lowering costs”.

Despite the fact that the government is trying to plant the seeds of healthcare reform, the governors of Maine, Ohio, and Wisconsin are revolting against the entire notion of socialized medicine through non-cooperation with the federal government.

“Our entire country has moved away from traditional, true insurance for the catastrophe. But if you have insurance for the catastrophe, what it means is that the only time you tap into the insurance, the only time you use it to pay for something is when it is something that is financially difficult for you to actually manage. It is beyond your ability to save,” said Brase.

Americans need to join forces and demand policies that cover catastrophe based emergencies only. Also, routine doctor’s visit, for life’s little accidents, if paid in cash, should cost less than using insurance policies. Perhaps if we get to this point in our healthcare system, Obamacare would be an obsolete idea.

For now, the tug-of-war continues between socialized medicine and freedom of choice in the states. While the prospect of not paying exorbitant prices is great, there is a different, more logical way to achieve that exact outcome, but not through Obamacare. America’s medical field shouldn’t emulate that of a communist nation. They should move away from that if anything and maintain the liberty on which it was founded.

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