19 December 2012, 15:48

Moscow is preparing to evacuate Russians from Syria

Moscow is preparing to evacuate Russians from Syria

Moscow has developed a plan of evacuating Russians from Syria. Russian power ministries with the Foreign Ministry’s support are prepared to evacuate about 30,000 Russian citizens from the country engulfed in a civil war.

These Russians are employees of Russian institutions abroad, experts working on private and state contracts, people who are in Syria on private trips and also those who are married to Syrians.

The evacuation plan was developed by the Russian Emergency Ministry, Ministry of Defence and Foreign Ministry. This fact means that Moscow fears the aggravation of the situation in Syria, First Vice-President of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems Konstantin Sivkov told The Voice of Russia. He believes that it is necessary and timely to take preventive steps to guarantee Russian citizens’ security and preserve their personal property.

“If we know that the number of people is 30,000 we can calculate the required number of buses, ships and planes. To evacuate 30,000 people we need 500-600 bus trips and about 100 plane flights. We need 5-6 ships that could accommodate about 1,000 people. Russia is capable of allocating this number of ships and planes. The operation will certainly not be carried out overnight, in all probability it will take a week or two, which is enough to evacuate all Russians from Syria.”

According to the plan, evacuation of Russians by air will be carried out from Damascus and Latakia airports. Some of the flights will be performed by the Emergency Ministry’s planes, First Deputy Director of the Emercom agency told The Voice of Russia. The Emercom agency is an external economic structure of the Russian Emergency Ministry.

“Emergency Ministry aircraft are prepared for landing on Syrian airfields, as well as in Beirut in Lebanon. The distance between Beirut and Damascus is 90 kilometres. With our experience in evacuating people in extreme situations we are sure to perform the tasks entrusted to the Emergency Ministry in this difficult and rather dangerous situation.”

The evacuation plan also envisages a combined evacuation itinerary. In particular, Russians are to be delivered by buses to the Syrian ports of Tartus and Latakia. There is a Russian ship repair and refuelling station in Tartus from where people could be sent by sea to the port of Larnaka in Cyprus. In this connection, observers pointed out that on Monday the Russian Baltic Fleet sent a detachment of combat ships and auxiliary vessels to the Syrian coast. We do not rule out the participation of this detachment in the evacuation of Russian citizens.

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