19 December 2012, 19:03

Libya-style terrorism in store for Syria

Libya-style terrorism in store for Syria

Unveiling the latest State Department report on terrorism in Washington this week, the Department’s counter-terror coordinator Daniel Benjamin said the killing of the US Ambassador to Libya in an attack on the US Benghazi consulate in September became possible after the fall of the Gaddafi regime created conditions for a proliferation of terror groups.

He also said he feared a similar pattern in Syria might emerge.

Dr Konstantin Sivkov is Vice President of Russia’s Geopolitics Academy:

"Indeed, blaming people other than terrorists for the Benghazi attack would be awkward and illogical. But this said, why on earth did the US and their NATO allies throw their weight behind the rebels who toppled the legitimate government of Muammar Gaddafi and created conditions for a rise of terrorism?

It is also true that Syria is becoming another Libya. The insurgency there is dominated by radical groups affiliated to Al Qaeda. This, however, does not prevent the US from backing the rebels. Double standards are apparently at work: terrorists who blow in the sails of the West are treated by Western countries very favourably."

At the same time, Washington cannot afford to turn a blind eye to the atrocities committed by the Syrian rebels, including the recent killing of dozens of school students by rebel mortar shells in a village near Damascus. For this reason, it has started to differentiate between ‘the opposition’ and ‘the terrorists’ in rebel ranks. For instance, the US has already included the Al Qaeda-affiliated Al-Nusra Front group in its list of terror groups.

The Syrian opposition didn’t like this.

This is what opposition activist Muheddin Lazkani, who attended the Morocco meeting of The Friends of Syria, had to say in his recent interview with an Arabic-language American television network:

"We can’t see any difference between people who shoot their guns at regime soldiers. We are convinced that they are all patriots and defenders of the fundamental interests of Syria."

This means that supporting even a small faction of the Syrian opposition spells supporting terrorists.

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