18 December 2012, 21:00

Patriot missiles arrive in Turkey

Patriot missiles arrive in Turkey

The first parts of Patriot air defence missile systems have been delivered to Turkey, The Turkish Weekly reports. According to the newspaper, the mounting of the systems on the Syrian border is planned for the beginning of 2013.

Servicemen from Germany and the Netherlands arrived in Turkey at the same time with Patriot components. They will be accommodated at a Turkish military base.

In November Turkey requested NATO to provide it with Patriot missiles, allegedly to defend its air space against any Syrian attack. The NATO Council complied with Turkey’s request at the beginning of December.

Six Patriot systems will be deployed on the Syrian border. They will be ready for combat duty at the end of January.

Voice of Russia, RIA


Patriot systems on Turkish-Syrian border threaten regional security - diplomat

The deployment of Patriots anti-aircraft systems on the Turkish-Syrian border jeopardizes security across the entire Middle East,Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian said in Moscow on Tuesday.

Iran strongly opposes the appearance of these systems in the explosive region, the Iranian diplomat said.

On December 4, NATO decided to deploy Patriots in Turkey allegedly to protect it from Syrian missile strikes.

Six Patriot systems will be sent to Turkey.

They are scheduled to become operational in January.

Voice of Russia, TASS

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