18 December 2012, 10:57

Bolshoi new ballet to thrill children

Bolshoi new ballet to thrill children

The Moscow Bolshoi Theatre is hosting the presentation of a new ballet on Tuesday.

The libretto to the new ballet, which is titled Moydodyr, was written on the basis of the popular fairytale for children by Soviet author Korney Chukovsky.

A choreographic debut of dancer Yuri Smekalov, the ballet is an original interpretation of Chukovsky’s poem about a magical washstand that washes children clean.

Described as a “youth thriller” by Smekalov, it features Dance of the Teeth with Toothpaste and Toothbrush, and Dance of the Hair by corps de ballet led by Hairbrush.

The ballet’s first shows will take place at the coming weekend.

Voice of Russia, TASS

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