17 December 2012, 18:33

Russia's arms export plan exceeded

Russia's arms export plan exceeded

Russia set a record in arms export. The volume of contracts has exceeded 14 billion against the planned 13.2 billion dollars planned for this year, President Putin told a session dedicated to military-technical cooperation.

The good result has not come as a surprise. Earlier the administration of the Rosoboronexport Agency said that the volume of foreign supplies is expected to stand at 14 billion dollars. The expert community made relevant forests as well. A military expert, Anton Chernov, says.

"Everyone was looking forward towards an excess because Russia’s industry, including enterprises of the defence-industry complex producing ships received, additional orders from their foreign partners. Besides, Russia has ensured contracts on modernizing the earlier supplied equipment, especially the equipment that Russia inherited from the former Soviet Union and which is still being used by a number of countries."

Specialists link the successes of the Russian defence industry to a difficult geopolitical situation in the world. However, the work of Russian military structures has become the main factor of success. This is caused by the fact that Rosoboronexport is the only supplier of military purpose products in Russia. Besides, the defence-industry complex is currently under revival. The military-industrial commission under the Russian government was restored in 2006. It is the only coordinating body to supervise the defence-industry complex. It tackles the issues of export and military-technical cooperation.

The defence-industry complex has launched a new generation of weapons and new military hardware in all areas. In 5 to 10 years’ time the fifth generation will figure prominently in the Russian arms exports. As of today, Russia’s portfolio of export orders has reached nearly 40 billion dollars, and there are good prospects for the future too.

Vladimir Putin has urged the participants in the military –technical cooperation to work with a view into the future and to actively advance Russian products on the world markets. The Russian head of state not only spoke about the traditional supplies of modern weapon systems but also mentioned new directions, including the production of military purposes products and research work in the first place.

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