17 December 2012, 12:25

Russia sells record $14 bln worth of weapons

Russia sells record $14 bln worth of weapons

Russia has “overfulfilled” its yearly plan of arms exports by half a billion dollars, having sold $14 billion worth of weapons in 2012, President Vladimir Putin has said.

Last year, Russia’s total income from arms and military equipment exports reached $13.2 billion, with $10.7 billion coming from the country’s sole defense exports agency, Rosoboronexport. 

Putin urges to seek out new arms export markets 

Russian President Vladimir Putin has called on the Military and Technical Cooperation Committee to “pursue a preemptive tactic” when promoting Russian military equipment in foreign markets.

“Russia will definitely keep its traditional military export partners. But it’s no less important for us to explore new markets and expand the range of produce and services,” Mr. Putin said Friday.

The Russian leader reminded the Committee the country’s defense industry was a regular participant of some 20 military shows and hosted a number of them in its turn, including dozens of international forums like MAX airshow.

Voice of Russia, RIA, TASS

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