14 December 2012, 15:17

Benghazi politics to blame for Rice's Secretary of State withdrawal - experts

Benghazi politics to blame for Rice's Secretary of State withdrawal - experts

The US Ambassador to the UN Dr. Susan Rice has withdrawn her name from consideration for the Secretary of State position. In an exclusive interview with NBC Rice said she did this, because of “fears opposition from Republicans and criticism over her Benghazi comments”. To talk more about Dr. Rice’s sudden withdrawal is Dr. Mark Rom, he’s associate professor at Georgetown University’s Department of Government and Public Policy, as well as Mr. George Landrith, he’s President of Frontiers of Freedom.

Mr. Landrith, what do you make of this?

G. Landrith: Well, I think that in the final analysis she probably determines that it’s tough fight. And I don’t think she’s a quitter, but I think she’s an encompassed enough person to say, “I don’t know if I need this for my career at this point.” I think she decided the potential gain isn’t worth it. So to me it’s probably a rational act.

Mark, how do you read this situation?

M. Rom: I think Susan Rice realizes that there’s so much opposition.

Do you think she was pressured to withdraw her name or she came upon this conclusion on her own?

M. Rom: She wouldn’t have withdrawn if President Obama himself didn’t give his consent to do so. If her confirmation had been especially important, he would have encouraged her to stay in the game.

Mr. Landrith, what do you think?

G. Landrith: I agree. I think that this is probably a graceful way out for both of them. My guess is that Obama doesn’t feel this is a fight he’s interested in.

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