7 December 2012, 12:29

Serdyukov’s guilt not proven yet – Medvedev

Serdyukov’s guilt not proven yet – Medvedev

Anatoly Serdyukov has not been formally accused of anything yet, and it is not right to “disgrace” him on public television, Dmitri Medvedev said in an interview with the major Russian TV channels. Medvedev stressed that Serdyukov worked quite efficiently.

In accordance with the presumption of innocence in existence in Russia, a person is not guilty until proven otherwise, Medvedev said, commenting on the corruption scandal involving ex Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov.

"You think that if a person is disgraced on TV, he should be put in prison right away? I would like to remind everyone of the law. The presumption of innocence is still in force. Concerning the scandals involving Mr. Serdyukov, regardless of what journalists say, he hasn’t been indicted. He is not participating in the process yet. An investigation is underway that should sort things out and determine the objective truth. In the end, it is the court that will make the final decision, while the defense and the prosecution will present their arguments."

Medvedev stressed that Serdyukov worked efficiently in his post and overall the Russian Armed Forces have started to change. Anatoly Serdyukov launched a military reform, and long awaited and complex transformations have started to take place in the army. “A screaming, long-term problem has finally received attention, which had never happened before, not even in the soviet period,” Dmitri Medvedev summed up.

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