6 December 2012, 11:21

‘Dear Santa’ letters program kicks off in US, people’s hardships revealed

‘Dear Santa’ letters program kicks off in US, people’s hardships revealed

Operation Santa, the US Postal Service program, has kicked off its 100th year in New York’s Farley Post Office in Manhattan on Tuesday. Anyone can play secret Santa and fulfill someone else’s wish. “Dear Santa” letters are already piling up in the post office and reveal the hardships American families have to deal with.

New York’s main post office and about 25 post offices around the country will copy the letters, black out the important information (addresses and names) and offer the letters to the public for adoption.

People who want to play Santa have to fill out a form, select a letter, then bring the gift to the post office and pay for delivery.

“We're looking at probably the neediest year I could ever imagine,” says Pete Fontana, who has run the program for the New York post office for 16 years.

Letters are coming not only from children, but from adults as well.

“They are looking for basics like cleaning supplies, mops and brooms,” Fontana says.

Brian, 14, asks Santa for a cane and sneakers for his mother who recently had back surgery, white undershirts for his brother and pajamas for his grandmother.

"I've been a good boy this year and I was wondering if you can please get me a coat for the winter," he writes. "I would love it if you can make my wishes come true."

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