6 December 2012, 18:56

Colombia gripped by protests

Colombia gripped by protests

21 cities in Colombia saw protests against the government negotiating with the rebel militant group FARC.

The protesters were against recent government negotiations with Colombian rebel militant group FARC, pointing to a recent rise in terrorist attacks and general lack of security in Colombia. The Colombian government is to resume talks with FARC rebels in the Cuban capital Havana on Friday.

“Colombia is in chaos. Agriculture is in chaos. They don’t want dialogue with our coffee producers, but they do with the guerrillas. This is really unjust,” Alicia Restrepo, one of the protest organizers, told a Russian TV-channel.

Public rage also centered on new tax reforms being discussed in the country’s parliament that would threaten free schooling of over 60,000 youths from low-income families. Critics said the reforms will also have an adverse effect on Colombia’s agricultural industry.

Voice of Russia, RT

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