5 December 2012, 05:18

Senate unanimously passes defense spending bill

Senate unanimously passes defense spending bill

The U.S. Senate on Tuesday voted 98-0 to approve a wide-ranging defense bill that authorizes $631.4 billion in funding for the U.S. military, the war in Afghanistan and nuclear weapons.

The bill, passed after five days of debate and consideration of hundreds of amendments, must be reconciled with the version passed by the House of Representatives before it can go to President Barack Obama to be signed into law.

There are several key differences between the House and Senate bills, including whether to back continued work by the military on developing biofuels for jets and warships.

The Senate bill includes a new round of Iran sanctions, a permanent ban on transferring detainees from Guantanamo to the United States, and prohibitions on the military detention of U.S. citizens.

Voice of Russia, Reuters

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