5 December 2012, 14:11

Island countries demand major polluters to sign up for Kyoto Protocol 2

Island countries demand major polluters to sign up for Kyoto Protocol 2

The rising sea level is a major threat to island countries like Nauru in Micronesia or the Marshall Islands in the northern Pacific Ocean. Some of them are bound to disappear, unless tough actions are taken by industrialized countries to limit emissions and curb the warming of the planet.

At the current U.N. Climate Change conference in Doha the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS) is demanding India and China – among the world’s biggest polluters – to support the second period of the Kyoto Protocol, the world’s only legally binding climate treaty that set targets for emissions reduction.

In 2007 the Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change said that sea levels would rise between seven and 23 inches (18 and 59 centimeters) this century.

But the ice is melting much faster in the Arctic and many scientists have already corrected the outlined projection to about one meter (more than three feet).

The Marshall Islands are named among the most threatened island countries. Their highest point is 33 feet (10 meters) above sea level. Their capital, Majuro, is just three feet above sea level and was inundated by high tides four years ago.

The first period of the Kyoto Protocol expires in less than four weeks.

The second period of the Kyoto Protocol is expected to serve as a bridge between the first period and the international treaty that will emerge from the Durban Platform established in 2011 and will take effect in 2020.

Voice of Russia, CNN

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