4 December 2012, 04:19

Zenit rocket orbits European comm satellite

Zenit rocket orbits European comm satellite

A Russian-Ukrainian carrier rocket has successfully orbited a European communications satellite, RIA Novosti reports. The Zenit-3SL booster with the Eutelsat-70B satellite lifted off from the Odyssey Launch Platform in the Pacific Ocean, Sea Launch reported on Monday.

Eutelsat-70B will replace the Eutelsat-70A satellite in geostationary orbit.

The new satellite will provide a range of professional services, including government applications, broadband access and video exchanges in Europe, Africa and Central and Southeast Asia.

Sea Launch carries out rocket launches from floating platform Odyssey at its equatorial launch site in the international waters of the Pacific Ocean.

It uses reliable Ukrainian-built Zenit-3SL carrier rockets with Russian DM boosters to deliver satellites into orbit.

Voice of Russia, RIA

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