3 December 2012, 14:58

Moscow discount card for travellers

Moscow discount card for travellers

The Russian capital is becoming a more agreeable place for world cultural and educational tourism. The first discount card for foreign and Russian travellers, the Moscow Pass, will appear as early as December 2012. It will replace tickets to many museums, will give its holders an opportunity to join a city tour, do a cruise along the Moskva River and have discounts in restaurants, cafes and bars.

Moscow indeed has a lot to offer. Most Russian cultural treasures are accumulated in the country’s capital: the Kremlin and the Diamond Collection, the Tretyakov Art Gallery and the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, not to mention smaller museums, historical mansions, churches, etc.

The city authorities spare no effort to make Russian and foreign guests’ stay in the city enjoyable. The introduction of the traveller’s discount card is also a step in this direction. The Moscow Pass is part of the WowMoscow tourist project, head of the project Ksenia Zemskova says.

“Our main aim is to use this card for making tourists’ stay in Moscow pleasant and interesting. The card provides entrance to 7 museums and participation in 2 tours – a city tour in a double-deck bus followed by a walking tour and a river cruise aboard The Radisson Flotilla. In addition, tourists can have discounts from our partners in restaurants and entertainment centres, as well as attend Russian cooking master classes or have discounts for tours of the Moscow Metro and Red Square."

The Moscow Pass will be valid for three days since its activation. Travellers will be able to buy it either abroad or upon arrival in Russia for 60 euros. The card will be supplemented with a free guide-book containing useful information about the city and recommendations for tourists. In the future it is planned to increase the number of museums accepting the Moscow Pass to 15-20 and also to extend the list of partners providing discounts within this programme. There are also plans to cooperate with the taxi service and provide an opportunity to pay for the use of public transport and express coach transfers to Moscow airports.

Moreover, there are plans to merge the Moscow Pass with a bank card, to cooperate with mobile phone operators and to extend the term of discount validity.

Tourist projects of this kind exist in many cities of the world. In London travellers can buy a London Pass, a similar arrangement exists in the US. However, unlike in Moscow or London, a US card is not supplemented with a free guide-book. In Russia this service is not a complete novelty either. Visitors of St. Petersburg have been using a similar card for two years. Hopefully, this service will also be introduced in other Russian tourist centres. Travelling to Russia is becoming more popular, the WowMoscow team says. Until recently foreign tourists mostly knew three places of interest in Russia: Moscow, St. Petersburg and the Golden Ring of ancient Russian cities. But now many German, British, Italian, French and US tourists go to places along the Volga River and to the Russian North and enjoy the beauty of those places. Japanese tourists like visiting the island of Sakhalin and Primorye, Russia’s maritime province in the Far East.

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