2 December 2012, 15:49

Russian schools to solve UK math problems?

Russian schools to solve UK math problems?

The UK will use some benefits of Russia’s education system and create specialized high schools for math similar to schools for gifted children which existed in the USSR.

The idea was voiced by the UK Education Secretary, Michael Gove, who believes it will improve math tutoring in the country. Experts admit that Russia’s math schools are really top notch.

Britain’s first specialized school for math will be created in 2014 at London’s King’s College. It is to follow the model of the famous KolmogorovSpecialized Physics and Mathematics School at Lomonosov Moscow State University. Irina Abankina, education expert from the Higher School of Economics, comments. 

"We have great math training in Russia. After the USSR launched its sputnik back in 1957, both the US and the UK paid closer attention to our math education and borrowed some of our methods. Last year, the first ever survey on motivation and skills of math graduates teaching in schools was conducted and our math alumni had second results in high schools and fourth in primary schools. Our math graduates are the best and we have excellent tutoring based on fundamental programs."

The deputy head of Russia’s Duma Education Committee, Oleg Smolin agrees.

"We have great math schools and our children do great at international contests. The only problem is that we don’t have that many such schools left."

Math graduates of the Russian origin can be found in think-tanks all over the world –the Silicon Valley, Skolkovo research hub, the Fraunhofer Society research organization in Germany and so on.

The UK wants the same results: a new scientific elite and greater progress.

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