2 December 2012, 21:41

Napoleon's letter sold for 187,500 euros

Napoleon's letter sold for 187,500 euros

French emperor Napoleon’s ciphered letter in which he described his plan to destroy the Moscow Kremlin has been sold for 187,500 euros at an auction in France.

The bid arranged by the Osenat auction house took place in Fontainebleau on Sunday.

The sale price far out stripped the pre-sale estimate 15,000, according to Fontainebleau Auction House.

Experts say the letter is unique, as it is written in a numeric code that the French emperor often used over fears that his correspondence could be intercepted and his plans revealed. 

“At three o'clock in the morning, on the 22nd I am going to blow up the Kremlin,” the letter said.

The letter also revealed Napoleon’s army was in a severe condition. 

“My cavalry is in tatters, many horses are dying.”

The letter was dated October 20, 1812, and signed ‘Nap’.

Marshal Edouard Mortier was to fulfill the emperor’s order but he only managed to destroy part of the Kremlin ensemble.

The Kremlin letter was not the only piece written by the emperor’s hand in the auction. 

A 310-page manuscript for the “Essay on countryside fortification,” which Napoleon wrote while exiled on the remote island of Saint Helena in 1818-1919, was sold for 375,000 euros, .

Paris-based Museum of Letters and Manuscripts is now the owner of both manuscripts.

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