23 November 2012, 18:05

New bill on professional education in Estonia

New bill on professional education in Estonia

To deny one-third of the Estonian population the right to choose for their children their native tongue as the language of instruction is a shameful practice, Head of the Department of the Baltic Countries at the Institute of the CIS Countries Mikhail Alexandrov said in an interview with the Voice of Russia, commenting on the draft law on professional education approved by the Estonian government.

According to the new bill, at least 60 per cent of school programmes of technical schools will be translated into Estonian. The same thing is occurring in the Russian-language colleges.

“This runs counter to the existing European standards, the expert said. Besides, the Estonian Ministry of Education demands that all those who want to use Russian as the language of instruction go to other countries.

Actually, this is secret ethnic cleansing. Taking into account that Russian -speaking people have lived in Estonia for 1,000 years. So why should they go”, the expert says.

Voice of Russia



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