22 November 2012, 21:34

NATO inspects Turkish sites for Patriot deployment

NATO inspects Turkish sites for Patriot deployment

A group of NATO experts has set off for Turkey to select sites for the deployment of Patriot missiles on its border with Syria, a source in the alliance told reporters Thursday.

The decision will be made after a report by the experts and consultations with all NATO members.

On Monday, Turkey forwarded a request to deploy the missiles to protect itself from potential Syrian strikes.

Russia warns Turkey against Patriot missiles

Russia has expressed its concern over the militarization of the Turkish-Syrian border, the VoR correspondent Polina Chernitsa has cited the Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich who commented on Turkey’s request to deploy Patriot missiles on the Syrian border.

Moscow would like Turkey to contribute to the beginning of the inter-Syria dialogue rather than flex its military muscles, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said on Thursday.

“The militarization of the Syrian-Turkish border is a dismal signal,” Lukashevich said, referring to Turkey’s recent request to deploy Patriot anti-missile systems to protect its border with Syria.

He urged Turkey to interact more with the Syrian opposition so as to help start the inter-Syria dialogue as soon as possible.

Turkey already hosted the complex twice. in 1991 and 2003 during the two Iraqi campaigns but never used it.

Voice of Russia, TASS

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