20 November 2012, 17:11

Gazprom plays key role in Europe’s energy balance

Gazprom plays key role in Europe’s energy balance

Russia’s state-run gas-monopoly Gazprom has long been a reliable partner of Europe and continues to play a key role in its energy balance, Secretary-General Eurogas Beate Rabbe said during a Moscow-Brussels video conference.

However, according to her, Russia will have to agree with the regulations of the EU’s “third energy package” that is aimed at liberalization of the gas market.

Russia is doing its best to assure the supply of gas to EU countries through various routes, but they want to purchase gas from several sources, Rabbe said.

She admitted that not all EU member countries introduced the regulations of the “third package” on their own territories.

According to experts, this shows that the EU has no common position on the advantage of the “third package” in guaranteeing energy security to Europe.

Voice of Russia, TASS

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