19 November 2012, 21:42

Russian sci-fi legend Strugatsky dies

Russian sci-fi legend Strugatsky dies

Russia’s science fiction legend Boris Strugatsky died due to heart problems on Monday at the age of 79, the writer’s friend who wished to remain unidentified told reporters.

Novelist Nina Katerli, the writer’s close friend, told that Boris Strugatsky had not let his friends and those who knew him close speak with him of the disease till his last breath.
According to Katerli, the writer had blood cancer.

“It is uncertain where he will be buried, – she said. – His brother’s ashes were scattered from a helicopter.”

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that the writer’s death has come as an irreplaceable loss to the Russian and world’s literature.

Friends, colleagues and admirers of the writer unanimously speak of Strugatsky as a person of high morals and principles and consider his death as a tragic loss and a catastrophe for man’s spirit.

Strugatsky, a native of St. Petersburg, known at the time as Leningrad, and an astronomer by education, rose to literary prominence through science fiction novels co-written with his elder brother Arkady, who died in 1991 at the age of 66.

Sergey Lukyanenko, a science fiction novelist, who knew Boris Strugatsky personally, explains the phenomenon of the Strugatsky duo’s popularity: “They transformed Soviet science fiction into a serious reading.”

He added that despite his respectful age Boris Strugatsky was quite active till his last days, for instance, he conducted science fiction seminars in St. Petersburg.

The brothers published 27 novels and novellas between 1958 and 1988. Their works are available in 42 languages, including English, where translated titles include Far Rainbow (translated in 1979), Hard to Be God (1973) and Roadside Picnic (1977).

The duo won numerous Russian and foreign literature awards, including Sweden’s Jules Verne Award.

After the death of his brother, Boris Strugatsky published two books under a pseudonym.

Voice of Russia, RIA

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