14 November 2012, 19:51

Why a separatist movement has appeared in the US?

Why a separatist movement has appeared in the US?

The reelection of Barack Obama for a second term, as expected, has triggered a display of dissatisfaction in various ways by his critics and political opponents.

One of the most apparent forms of protests has been online petitions in which Americans from different States ask the Obama Administration for withdrawal from the United States of America.

However, only one State out of 33 petitioned for withdrawal could get sufficient support, as it had gained the threshold needed to get an official White House response. As expected, this State is Texas.

According to the petition posted on WhiteHouse.Gov, a balanced budget and the large economy make it practically feasible for Texas to withdraw from the union in order to create its own government at a time when Washington’s interference poses a serious threat to citizens’ standards of living. Meanwhile, the authors of the petition believe that the policy pursued by the federal government is no longer coinciding with the original ideas and beliefs of our founding fathers. Notably, none of the petitions posted by other States could exceed the threshold of 25,000 signatures, while the withdrawal of Texas was supported by over 75,000 citizens.

It’s worth admitting that Texas has historical reasons to talk about independence. Some time ago, Texas was the only internationally recognized independent State in the country and recognize as an equal member of the union. Such a status paved the way for achieving several advantages for Texas that were inaccessible for other States. For one, after joining the United States of America in 1845, mineral resources and land of Texas did not become federal property and remained in the possession of citizens of the States. Moreover, Texas has never shown special sympathy for Washington, and during the civil war the State fought alongside Southern troops.

In fact, current statements on desire to secede from the country are based on contemporary political situation rather than historical reasons. The Republicans are in power in the State, while the Democrats have suffered losses in elections since 1994. Moreover, the developed economy based on oil and gas production has guaranteed high standard of living to the citizens. The authorities of Texas, including its governor Rica Perry who was a recent presidential candidate have more than once raised the issue of secession from the US. In 2004, Perry trying to intimidate Washington threatened to withdrawal from the United States of America, if the federal government continues its policy of interfering in internal affairs of the State.

This time Perry preferred to abstain from making loud statements and emphasized that he would believe in the greatness of the indivisible union although he disagrees with some actions of Washington. More radical statement was made by President of the Texas National Movement Daniel Miller who has been fighting for secession of the State for 16 years. According to Miller, Washington is incapable of ruling the country.

At the same time, it’s difficult not to agree with those who say that such petitions are no more than an attempt by Republicans to express their dissatisfaction over Obama’s victory. According to experts, secession of one State or another from the country is practically impossible. According to Professor Akhil Reed Amar of Yale University, the simplest way for Texas to secede from the United States of America is to develop a time-machine that will allow it to rewrite the constitution or review the outcome of the civil war.

Many American citizens have expressed their attitude towards the authors of the petitions by posting a petition on WhiteHouse website demanding for deportation each person who raises the secession issue in the US. By now, this petition has been supported by over 3,500 people.

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