9 November 2012, 09:48

Iran ready for direct nuclear talks with US

Iran ready for direct nuclear talks with US

Problems related to his country’s nuclear program must be discussed directly with the United States, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told the press at Bali Democracy Forum yesterday.

“We believe in friendly relations between peoples and governments and Iran hails all relations based on justice and mutual respect,” Ahmadinejad said.

According to Ahmadinejad, it is “necessary to launch an investigation to determine who and why relations with the US were severed 33 years ago.”

Earlier Yukiya Amano, director-general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, told the UN General Assembly that Iran is not cooperating with an investigation into suspected secret work on nuclear weapons.

Last month the New York Times wrote that the US and Iran had agreed for the first time to one-on-one negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program, but this was denied by Iran.

Washington cut diplomatic ties with Iran in April 1980, five months after radical Iranian students had seized the US Embassy in Tehran, taking 52 US diplomats hostage for 444 days. 

US, Iran open for bilateral nuclear talks 

The US is open for direct bilateral nuclear talks with Iran, a diplomatic source in London told Russia’s Itar-Tass news agency Thursday.

“We don’t exclude that the negotiations will be launched in December,” the source said.

Iran is purportedly demanding more safeguards of regional security, something only the US can guarantee. The talks will therefore have a wider agenda, reaching beyond Tehran’s nuclear program, the source confessed.

First rumours of upcoming direct talks between the two nations were reported in October, although the White House later dismissed them.

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