9 November 2012, 18:35

Hillary Clinton lauds Putin for saving tigers

Hillary Clinton lauds Putin for saving tigers

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has praised Russia’s President Vladimir Putin on his efforts to protect endangered Russian tigers.

Speaking at a meeting on wildlife smuggling, Mrs. Clinton said Vladimir Putin was a staunch and open protector of Russian wildlife, adding his efforts over the past few years had helped to secure the tigers’ life in their natural habitat.

Hillary Clinton also said that during her visit to the APEC Summit in Vladivostok she didn’t fail to notice that Russia paid considerable attention to wildlife protection.

The US state secretary said poaching was still to be dealt with in Russia but she stressed Russian leadership was clearly concerned with protecting wild animals.

She pointed out that when she was in Vladivostok she spotted a great many tiger posters hanging on the walls and street lamp posts to remind people that wildlife conservation stood high on the government’s agenda.

Voice of Russia, Interfax

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