29 October 2012, 17:36

Smolensk plane crash: key witness found hanged, ‘We all were shocked’ - Polish Sejm MP

Smolensk plane crash: key witness found hanged, ‘We all were shocked’ - Polish Sejm MP

One of the key witnesses in the Smolensk plane crash, officer Remigiusz Mus, has been found hanged. A Voice of Russia correspondent talked to Polish Sejm MP Antoni Macierewicz, the head of the parliamentary commission probing the crash of the presidential Tu-154 which killed Lech Kaczynski, his wife and top Polish officials. The MP commented on the mysterious death of Mr. Mus.

“We all were shocked and are sending our condolences to his family. Mus was a real professional, very responsible. He witnessed the crash and took it to heart.

Mus was found hanged amid strange circumstances and now we are waiting for autopsy results to make things clearer.

In his testimony, Mus talked about having heard two blasts before the plane crashed and reported that the flight officer on duty gave the Polish crew captain Major Protasiuk permission to descend to the height of 50 meters, despite the thick fog.

His testimony was published by the media as well as recorded during the probe. We are concerned with the fact that 1,5 years after the crash we still haven’t received a phonoscope analysis of that talk with Protasiuk. We are also concerned with this mysterious and sudden death. The crash witnesses don’t feel secure now. Recently, their testimony, including the one by Mus, was published online and his death will certainly negatively affect other witnesses.

We once again want to express our condolences. Mus was a man of dignity and a brave soldier”, Antoni Macierewicz told our correspondent.

The Voice of Russia joins in expressing the condolences.

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